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In 1995 after having some “fainting spells” at work, Sherri was sitting in the bathtub reading a novel. She discovered the book was full of “typos”. This annoyed the published writer and poet, and the prolific reader in her. Of course, there were no typos in the book, she had lost her connection to the alphabet. The next day we went to the hospital where they informed her she had an atypical migraine and to take two Tylenol and go to bed. Two days later, she knew she was in trouble because she was having trouble with coherent thought. She phoned her fybromyalgia specialist (her number was by the phone) who told her to get a friend to take her to the doctor immediately. She wandered out to the street trying to remember what a friend was, when our neighbor from across the street came out of her house to go somewhere. Luckily she was a nurse who worked at a nearby hospital, and took Sherri to the doctor’s office. A friend of mine saw her there and talked to her. When she didn’t recognize him, he was very concerned and called me at work. After consulting the doctor I took her to the Foothills Hospital in Calgary. On the way I phoned her FM specialist and because she had no admitting privileges at Foothills, she told me what symptoms the emerg docs needed to know. They admitted her nearly immediately. They did a CAT scan and 2 MRIs in the first 12 hours and countless other tests. Not to mention the endless physical exams (look here, look there, count backwards from 100 by 7s). She spent 10 days in the hospital, and after being grilled by a panel of a dozen specialists she came out with a diagnosis of Atypical Sturge-Webber Syndrome, and an armfull of prescriptions, but the seisures were under control. Over the years she has gained back much that was lost but still has much to go.
JWF 3/2010


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