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When it’s funny, it’s …..

Posted on: July 27, 2011

We were talking on the phone tonight, as is usual for us. The conversations help me to feel not quite so alone. He tells me what he has seen that I find interesting – mostly critter stories.

Suddenly he began saying ‘what? What did you say? Where are you? The phone sounds hollow. Have you got it on speaker?’. I laughed out loud. Who ever heard of a speaker phone as a cell phone? I was still laughing as I explained to him that if I had a speaker phone thingey, he was going to have to school me. Again. I tend to forget things quickly and often.

I wandered into the living room, listening to him struggling to hear me. I found it rather amusing. The difficulty is usually the other way around. I was doing the usual thing, holding the phone to my ear. I asked him to wait a minute, laying the phone down for a second – and I stopped right there!

It was easy to see what the difficulty had been. I was holding the phone upside down! I didn’t find it nearly as funny as he seemed to find it. I think he is still laughing. No wonder. I will try to check that little detail next time we speak. sigh.

2 Responses to "When it’s funny, it’s ….."

OMG!!! lol!!! Too funny! Sorry honey, couldn’t help but laugh!!! You are so delightful & your story just brightened my day!!! Luv ya! Les

I LIKE it!

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