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Little Diamond Back Dove

Posted on: October 26, 2010

Dag nab it! This morning, our little Diamond Back Dove (named Truly in honour of her lovely song) slipped away in my hands. I don’t know what happened to cause illness – she seemed to have a little trouble flying up to her perches yesterday. She wasn’t singing. This morning she waited til I went over to say hello and goodbye to her. Our male Ring Neck Dove, Lovey, is constantly looking into the cage. I suppose I had better remove her from her cage so Lovey will be more composed. They talked often.

Looking out on a froggy snowy morning. I had better check to see how the highways are through the mountains. Haven’t heard from Fuji yet. I am sure he is fine, but when I want comfort, he is the love I reach for. How fortunate am I to have a love like that? I miss him.

Today is work. I have better get moving here. Even my coffee tastes a little flat. Nothing wrong with the coffee. It is me and my taste buds that are a little off.

Haven’t found a positive word to say. I will return when I have something else to contribute to the day or days. Can never tell.

Travel the Rainbow Bridge, little bird. You will be flying free. Be happy.

Truly the Diamond Back Dove


2 Responses to "Little Diamond Back Dove"

Oh Sherri how sad to hear Truly crossed The Bridge, glad she crossed it in your loving hands though. Hugs you!

So sorry for the loss of your precious dove, Truly. She sure had a good, love-filled life with you (and the crew). I guess Lovey will now be (from another song) a Lonesome Dove.

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