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Busy days

Posted on: October 18, 2010

Mammograms have changed since my last one. I must say I like the new ones a lot better. There is a neat trailer travelling the back roads of Alberta giving the life saving tests – a lot less pain, a lot less squishing. Yay! So that is done, results at 7. Actually, 14 days through my dr. No problem. I am sure that won’t be my difficulty this year.

Picked up my cat cage at the vet’s today. Everyone greeted me with smiles and the good news that Sunny Boi has settled into his new home very well. He is very affectionate, as I mentioned, and he is making friends left and right. That makes me happy because it sounds as though he is happy. He is addicted to being petted and kind voices, so all should be well. They commented on how LONG he has become since they saw him six months ago. He was a tiny feline and now is the same length as Ewok.

Speaking of Ewok, her back is healing well. I am a little undecided as to when the meds should stop. Maybe I will call tomorrow to ask some advice.

I am tired so have totally forgotten why I started this blog. There is a topic hovering just out of mental reach so will close with a good night blessing to all and will write again soon.


1 Response to "Busy days"

Glad to hear about Sunny Boi doing so well and the Ewok healing too. I have a mammy coming up again in the next week or so. I was surprised last year when I had one that it was a lot less painful than before. It’s about time.

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