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Quiet October Day Oct. 16/10

Posted on: October 15, 2010

Quiet October Day

So much has been happening here, I feel a little whirled. John and I have been to Yellowstone Park and area for a week of photography and experiencing a new place in fall. It was so much fun! We are home now. Ewok (little dog) was in for a quick surgery on a sebaceous cyst on her back. Yikes! It was ugly but is healing quickly. Her buddy ISunny Boi) had decided this home didn’t work on a permanent basis. Maybe it was the rest of the family who made the decision. The constant fighting with the other house cat (ShaSha), messing and bird hunting (the ones in the living room cages) was more than we could handle. I had put a harness on our feral darling, taking him outside for a drag a few times a day. His origin as an outside cat had come back with a vengeance and the door was a blockage that frustrated Sunny intensely. These small walks seemed to worsen the situation.

We had been asking around for a farm home for this loving feline. I came close once, but lost out when I was asked ‘he IS intact, right?’ They wanted more breeding done to keep their number of cats high. That didn’t speak to me of health and safety. I was fortunate to find a good home on a farm with heated barns. It was a very hard decision but I am sure he will be happier there than here. All the rules and constrictions here made him unhappy, not to mention the rest of the family. Maybe sometimes it is better not to rescue. Problem is – a person can never be sure til the deed is done. I only hope Kitty understands the new move is not abandonment but is done out of love and home for his best and happiest future.

Today is very quiet. Ewok is recovering from her small surgery. Kitty is living at his new home. Sure hope he is happy there. It snowed today. Hope John is going to enjoy his underwater photography to the skies. I would love to be a functioning fly on his camera so I could see everything. I am spoiled now – staying home feels like being ‘left behind’. And can you imagine taking pics of salmon underwater as they fight their way to finish out their lives? Glorious! Snow or no snow, it has to be a wonderful experience.

I am happy, have no shortage of activities to keep me busy. Above all, I am happy. Life is good, no matter the challenges.

Talk to you soon.


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Your adventures this past week or two sounded marvelous, Sherri, and I was with you in spirit every step of the way. I am happy to hear that Sunny has found a home more suited to his temperment and the things he knows and loves. I know it was hard for you but it was a decision made out of love for all concerned, and I am sure he knows it. Glad Ewok is on the mend too. Missing you.

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