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Sun down adventure

Posted on: August 6, 2010

Just finished going over my pics with the Fuji. He is actually teaching me how to capture what I see! It has taken years but I believe I will improve until I am finished on this earth. I truly have the bug – the desire to capture everything I experience for future reflection. How great is that? I ask myself that question as I cruise the back roads, watching for possible shots as I try to steer ON the road and not in the ditches, attractive though they might be. I like the search, the way my breath catches when I spot a possible capture. It catches even more if I get stopped in time to take the picture. I sure do like the search.

Tonight I interacted with two does, in canola fields about 15 miles from each other. I found out that I am glued to wildlife subjects no matter what else is going on. I found out that I am totally unaware of objects crossing my subject, like wires, car mirrors and such like. As I perused one set of one doe during editing, I saw the background for the first time. Too bad I hadn’t noticed it originally – I could have done something with those shapes. I drive too fast when I am on the hunt, and pass things I wanted to work with – about three miles back. It is too much trouble to find a place to turn around, drive back, find another place to turn around only to discover that the fading light has disappeared and, with it, the shot I wanted. Time waster. So I refuse to turn around but it hurts, dang it, it hurts to have missed what I saw the first time in the original light. sigh. Did I mention I love the hunt?

I love that I can hold a subject with my voice, soothing it into stillness until I capture the sweet face, the wonderful eyes that show the soul of the creature. It is like a magnificent dance; how close can I get to capture the best of the scene I love or the lovely critter who trembles with curiosity without damaging the rhythm or losing the shot entirely? I constantly remind myself ‘breath in, hold it, take the shot’. I made up the procedure myself, and it may not be correct. It is an experiment to see if I can control my shaking camera while I remain intently focused on my stance and ability, such as it is. This is the most fun I can remember having in a very long time. I am very happy to be learning now and not when all pictures were shot on film. Seriously.

So the lovely deer and the red sun as it set are gone now. Darkness has fallen and peace reigns in this house. Fuji is home, LD is down in his office with him (she doesn’t leave his side when he is home) and I have managed to chase the cats off the back of my chair. Hair tends to stick to a person when it is hot. Should cool down now, though. It’s all good. Great sigh of contentment. There is a music festival in town all weekend – the temperatures seem destined to allow me out to investigate some of my faves. There is some Blues this year!! Or is that, there ARE some Blues this year? Whichever way that goes, it is going to be a good time. There may be some rain. I have umbrellas. Also it will be interesting to see how I do with people in the lens, don’t you think?

Talk to you soon.


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Your new adventures in learning and expressing your inner beauty fill me with joy. How fortunate to have Fuji to mentor you as you learn your own way of revealing yourself through your photos. I am loving the ringside seat.

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