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Summer beauty

Posted on: August 5, 2010

Just coming out of a rough patch. I mixed up my meds and then worked out in the hot sun – the results go on for a while. I am missing my neighbour Ede who is in hospital for hip surgery. All the best to her – can’t wait to chat with her over coffee. I love her lots and lots. Wish I could tell her so.

I am in my office with my little dog asleep at my feet. Cats are cat-napping. We have a large harmless spider in the garage – I am not nearly so eager to go visit the birds and cat there as I have been in the past. The web is head high, and I really work at remembering where it is. I have no desire to walk into the web – spider on my head? No way!  I think this is one of our lovely large Wolf Spiders – they have a picture on the abdomen but don’t do harm. Except to flies. That is one of my favorite things about them. Wherever they are, flies are not!

My Fuji will be home tonight, and that makes this a day of anticipation and small successes. Our temp today is nearing 25 so far, but there is a lovely breeze which makes the house cool, cool, How comfortable it is! I am going out in the sunshine for a few minutes with the LD (Little Dog) and then I PROMISE I am going to do the dishes. Really!!

Much love to all, hope to see you soon,



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Glad you are well despite little upsets with meds and whatnot. Love and hugs to Ede when you get to talk to her. Missing you crazy-like.

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