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Little Orange Cat

Posted on: July 30, 2010

Little Orange Cat It occurs to me it has been a long time since I mentioned the little orange cat we adopted in the rigors of deep freeze. You may remember it took shelter beneath our porch when the noisy machines were making piles of snow in the midst of our streets. The poor thing was terror stricken and wouldn’t respond to the most gentle of calls. It didn’t investigate smells of food or water. On the third day, it began to venture out for the quickest of snacks and drinks. At first, it was quick to pounce with all claws and away to hide once more. After that, it began to bite. It is laughable now, but we were patient with the little thing. I was sure, for some reason, it was a girl creature, and we named ‘her’ Sunshine. ‘She’ moved in one day when I was waiting for Ewok, the little dog, to come into the house. I do make an excellent door person. You can ask anyone. We made an appt with the vet for the necessary operation. It was when I took the kitty into the vets ofc, and was joking how we weren’t sure of the sex and that had to be a first for me. The vet swooped down, lifted the kitten up and pronounced it a male. Ok, so it was a less expensive operation but it hurt my pride a little. So the name became Sunny Boy. He did not endear himself to the staff at the vet clinic. Soon after he was left alone there, he escaped and the surgery had to be postponed for at least a day because no one could catch him. I wish they had phoned me. He never resisted the sound of my voice calling ‘kitty kitty kitty’. Even now whenever he is in mischief, when he is laying on his back staring into my eyes, the sound of ‘kitty kitty kitty’ draws him out. He is always welcomed with pets while he is carried away from the scene of his mischief. He is a real character and has the loudest purr this side of the Rockies. I haven’t actually tested that last statement, but believe it nonetheless. What most impresses me with this little cat is how he comes to stretch his front paws up and up and up until he can caress my face and beg to be lifted. When big thunder booms come and he is afraid, he runs to one of us to reach up to be rescued. I had not thought that male cats were so loveable. It is a pleasure to see that I was mistaken in more than his name. So that is my update on Little Boy Cat. We have been spending much time taking photographs – he with great skill, me with a real desire to learn the art. I will be back again soon.


2 Responses to "Little Orange Cat"

You are an incredible “animal person” and I mean that it the most admiring way. I did some research awhile back on the temperment of various types of cat and learned that the most affectionite cats on record are the male orange tabbies. This pleased me immensely since the most tender cat I ever had, Charlie was just such a cat! He too used to reach up and caress my face, especially when he sensed I was troubled. No cat before or since has done that. I loved this blog entry, Sherri. You shine, as you always have.

Thanks, Ruth. I am glad you had such a reach out and touch someone cat. They are precious and loveable. Rare and oh so comforting.

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