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Happy Return Home

Posted on: May 3, 2010

Just starting to get my feet under me. A couple of weeks off, taking pills for pneumonia and a week resting up in B.C. makes a person feel better in spades. There is a lot missing in memory, but I know I had a really good time. I am learning how to take pictures – there is much to learn. It is wonderful to have another way to express creativity and getting close to the wildlife is pure joy to me. Fuji gave me one of his cameras and I should know what it is called. I will study up on that later. We spent three or four days in Canmore. We were on the ground floor at a lovely motel with a small kitchen and I could take Ewok for needed walks when necessary. We saw a whole bunch of baby rabbits out for a stroll on newly green grass. They were lovely and evidently came from tame rabbit stock. Some of the residents were not happy with the excessive numbers of rabbits but for a tourist, it was just plain glorious. Ewok was on leash, so she wasn’t even tempted to play ‘chase’. I don’t think the baby rabbits knew we were there. Obviously green grass has fascinating attributes that escaped my attention. We went for a drive up over a mountain and the road was narrow with snow and ice that gave me chills in more ways than one. yikes! There was no problem and we came back ‘home’ with no problem whatsoever. Fuji was driving – good thing! Fuji spent a lot of time taking pictures which made him very happy. I spent an inordinate amount of time resting which would have made the dr very happy. We took pics together some evenings and met some great critters. One elk stays in my mind. She has a collar and has been around for many years, I heard. She made me laugh so hard. She grazed along, minding her own business, until one of us raised a camera – at which point she raised her graceful head and ‘posed’ for us. Picture taken, she went back to grazing until a camera was raised again when she repeated the performance. I laughed loud and long at her antics. We named her ‘Deva’ because she was such a practiced performer. We stayed later at a lovely private property finding ourselves all alone because they were not yet open for the season. We had an indoor fireplace and I loved it to bits. We enjoyed the kitchen so we could cook as much or as little as we desired. Lovely to stroll the trails, looking down on the lake below and searching for the falls that we could hear in the distance. Great fun. The thought of having such extensive trails with such lovely scenes in the distance is almost more than a person can take in. Loved it. I am afraid we used up a great portion of the wood and kindling. When we go back, I want to do some wood chopping of my own. I miss that a lot. Haven’t seen a decent axe in a long while. I think it was here that we took a day off to just catch up to ourselves. We spent a great day in Jasper staying at yet another gracious motel which provided attractive rooms and which accepted pets. Of course, we didn’t leave Ewok alone in the room. She slept in the truck where she seemed to feel secure. Windows open a tetch, treats at hand, blanket in case she wanted it – and we could steal a half hour for shopping or grabbing a bite in a restaurant called ‘The Dead Dog’. Honestly I think that was the name but we can check with Fuji later. Nice folks there. Never met an un-nice person anywhere in that part of the country. Being sure I am missing a lot, which I intend to talk about later if and when I remember it, eventually we got to Edmonton. The drive had been warm and sunny, though highways were closed all around us. We seemed to meander between the storms and that worked for me. Don’t know as a person could meander through the one roaring outside us right now. Hope we don’t have any more broken trees. I might get more practice chopping wood than I care to consider. Sheesh! There are two big elm branches on the front lawn which I hadn’t had time to attend to. I could live with no more than that. We are grateful there are no leaves yet, which would make the brittle branches more likely to break and fall. We got together with my brother Dave and Paula for dinner, going back to their lovely home to have an after dinner treat later. I remember much laughter and conversation. I enjoyed it to bits. That type of socializing is very rare in my life. I could get used to it. We drove home to get settled the next day with no problems. There seemed to be much less opportunity for photography but perhaps I just wasn’t paying attention. Resting and back to work tomorrow. I am sure it will be a very good day. Talk to you again soon.


2 Responses to "Happy Return Home"

You really captured the essence of your adventures and I’m so happy to be able to share in them with you. I can feel your joy!

The place in Jasper is the De’d Dog Saloon. Glad you enjoyed the trip!

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