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Loving the Fur Kids

Posted on: March 11, 2010

I have ‘adopted’ friends who work with fur critters  on many levels. Some are just waiting to find permanent homes, while wild ones wish to remain wild. I love them all and have interacted with many on both levels. Because we live in town, we care for less than we might wish. We used to do more work at a nearby rehab center for injured wild life. As might be expected, most injuries are caused by interaction with people or their toys. The joyous heights were always the days of release, when the now healed friend was returned to their previous home or as close as we could come to it.

I have a friend a few provinces away who works with a group which rescues dogs who have been mistreated. It is a wonderful work they all do, collecting the animals, finding foster or forever homes for them to become the happy canines they have always longed to be. I admire that work immensely. It requires great skill, both on computer with communication abilities and in person with the injured ones and the people who are trying to help the injured. Yay for people who care!

The center which rehabs the wild injured ones is a great place to volunteer. I have had great adventures there, experience which I would never have had if I had not ventured to try some things I couldn’t imagine doing. Thanks for trusting my ability and love for the critters, all. Perhaps this summer I will be well enough to go back for more experience. I would love that a lot. I used to do relay with the wild ones to get them to the hospital on time.

There are many people involved in the care and aid for four leggeds just because they care for them. Perhaps I will write further of these people in future. Some work with relay and rescue, some feed the wild ones and some love from afar. We all seem to have purpose in interacting with (as a friend calls them) the fur kids. We share the land together. From the squirrels who come for their daily share of peanuts to the little birds who come for food when the winds blow, this is a world for all of us. It makes me happy.


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