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Posted on: March 8, 2010

I haven’t mentioned it here but a striped orange wild cat has adopted us. We have a friend who says only a cat who comes to you is the type of cat to have. This small one, named Sunshine, has a way to go yet. She started her relationship with us by cowering under the back porch to escape the loud machine noises the last time the town cleared the streets. I have never seen a cat fly over a chain link in just that way – she simply flew and didn’t touch down.

For the first few days, I wasn’t sure she was still under there. She quivered alone in the freezing cold, not making a sound. On the third day, I think it was, she was tempted out for a bite of food. She was not tamed by a long shot. I used the blood she drew (when I didn’t remove my hands quickly enough) to do my sugar readings. What a little spitfire! She would crouch at the back of the entrance to her den peering up, trying to make sense of the faces she saw. She has one of the most lovely kitty faces I have ever seen.

Look Into My Eyes

It has taken nearly two months for her to trust us. She makes me laugh by the way she studies things to make sure she understands the rules. She made friends with ShaSha through the glass on the back door. Almost friends, anyway. She made friends with Ewok the dog by chasing her around the yard. She came in the house to perch on the door mat but no further until she determined she was going to survive.

Three days ago, while it was still warm and mild outside, she moved in. Lock, Stock and Barrel, here she is. She has become part of our fur kids family and doesn`t make any effort to go back outside. The other strays of the neighbourhood still wander by looking for a handout, but we don`t put food outside anymore. I might put water out there though, after watching how Sunshine drank her fresh water before she ate her food. Everyone needs fresh water seems to be the lesson. Wish our wild girl Sophie who insists on living in the garage and demands to be carried to her bed each night would come live inside. I wonder how many years she has been with us.

This was a good week, especially if I ignore challenges. Let`s hope I can continue to do that.


1 Response to "Sunshine"

This is wonderful news! I am so happy she had become part of the family. Once again, you have been adopted!

Looking forward to more news about Sunshine.

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