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Wind out of the South East

Posted on: March 1, 2010

A S.E. wind usually means a tremendous change in the weather. That is what is happening today and it makes me tingle as I wonder what comes next. If someone had told me in 1995 that change was an exciting thing, I wonder if I would have believed them. Some of my favorite things survived the changes. The best is my husband John.  My critters continue to follow and to join the family. More on them later. Some of them are quite bossy, and none of them are cows.

Many abilities that I was proud of left immediately. In the beginning, I was unable to tell the difference between numbers and letters. John immediately bought me some baby books to help me relearn to read. The confusion continued to verious degrees – still acts up sometimes. In our small town Co-Op store, the manager offered me a position as a demo person, working with various departments. I have been progressing with this for the last six years. Having started at 3 hours per week if I was lucky, I am now working 9 hours a week split up into three separate days. I am grateful for this position, for the opportunity to meet so many people who are in need of a smile and a kind word. Those things I can provide.

Another ability quick to leave was the ability to work in my own home without direction. Housework immediately became next to impossible. One of the humorous parts of this was trying to find someone who would sit and point at what comes next in my imaginary housework. I think most thought me to be making a joke. I wasn’t joking and my ability to catch up with my idea of what a house should look like is only recently beginning to re-emerge. It began as the plan was shown to me in a dream. Once I dreamed it, it became very clear to me. I am not fast, mind you. At least, I have a small direction to point myself in – I was surprised to learn that housework is called that because it IS – work, that is. I am sure I will get better at it.

The writing which came to me so simply since childhood has been very challenging. I make no promises as to spelling or smooth transition in subject matter. If there are any places where I miss my way, a little nudge will help me to regain my footing. I think this is all for tonight. I hope this will continue to steer itself along. I do have much to learn in this program, and I will be happy to understand everything more clearly. Til next time….


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You may have lost many things, my love, but you did not lose your ability to write, with humour, with passion, with character. Welcome back. I look forward to more, more, more…..

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